Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Game of thrones wedding planners not to be trusted

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Good lord almost a year since regular posts, err well as I am watching Arrow (a small guilty pleasure) the gas fire on and a slanky (dont judge I am very very ashamed but warm at the same time) work has been rather...busy but as Im not allowed to talk about that lets skip that shall we.
I have now been in the flat for a year during which I have double glazed our bay windows (yes fancy I know) found out that ladybirds like to live in cracks of old buildings, old buldings are very very cold (hence the slanky time) I have a nice view. I am also planning to eat a roast dinner sandwich for er dinner (left overs) hmm

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Holiday time for me (hurrar) so I thought I would dust the old blog down. Hello there!
Anyway due to massive massive massive (should that be three or would one MASSIVE work the same) fund shortage I've not exactly been up to loads. I have to summarise.
made bread
saw Mathew Herbertson in London
Pottered in London
played on the Xbox (a lot)
Cheered at the Olympic opening ceremony
Pottered prawns and ham hock tomorrow I try cat


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Planet Gallifrey: Matt Smith on Craig Ferguson

Planet Gallifrey: Matt Smith on Craig Ferguson: Here is Matt Smith's interview on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson from a few days ago.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Oh and I've stuck some more tracks together for 8tracks no real theme this time just odds and sods that I thought would sound well together, still taking it for a test drive but please find it below if you like the errr likes of The Ramones, Buck 65, The National, Fever Ray, Warren Zevon, and the like.
Not lots to report this week as being one of the last few of the holiday its rather sped by.
Did see beautiful lies with Audrey Tautao, who it seems whenever you mention her name to people they automatically pull a "ahh shes lovely" face and who also seems to be predominantly remembered for her haircut (well if you judge two seperate people commenting on it as predominantly, well I do so leave it) . Anyway The film is a rather enjoyable french farce which although not exactly side splitting, well the old man in front of us did found it hilarious anyway, is a rather nice little film. Will say that thank goodness Audrey Tautao does inspire the "ahhh" face as her character is.......well frankly kind of horrible. I was struggling to see what anyone would see in her but I was rather happy when things seemed to work out for the best in the end (wait does that count as a spoiler? No? good in that case I was not expecting the aliens to appear at the end.)

Also today had a door step visit from a pair promoting Christianity, who seemed rather confused when I politely said I was an atheist but when asked why just said that I just was. Should I have said I felt it in my soul? Or that Jebus made me that way? Anyway they were rather polite and after asking if I knew anyone on the street who might need helpfrom the lord (does he do plumbing as our sink has been making funny noises) shock hands and shared names...Now T.O.H is suggesting that possibly they now know my name and my address I can expect more visits attempting to persuade me to change my mind about the whole lack of god thing, as the same thing has happened with the Jehovah witness who visits every Sunday to see if I've changed my mind so far I have managed to avoid her and am hoping that T.O.H might be able to say "please go away" (or words that that effect) for me....still waiting.

Monday, 15 August 2011

One of my actually it probably was my absolute favourite thing to do was to make mixes for people, hunting through my records finding that right selection of songs, deciding what theme it should have, if any (and the answer is yes even if the other person doesn't know about it) then sitting by the tape machine pause button at hand, then later the computer trying to cram 14 songs (14 songs usually fit the 74 odd minutes of a cd) sometimes DISASTER the computer couldn't quite fit the end of one, or skipped the beginning of another. Obviously with the advancement of the internet both the sharing of pictures of cats and music itself have changed, and yes I have just realised how old this makes me sound, oh I remember when all this was fields ect ect. Still I've enjoyed collecting a host of songs on spotify, listening to last fm radio and now Im really enjoying 8 track.Basically its a site where you create mixes and listen to others, looking for covers for your album, thinking of witty names oh I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that. Anyway love has been on my mind recently so for my fourth mix I collected songs that I find hit the love button (wait does that sound weird?) so I thought I'd share below
(wait does that sound weirder?)

oh and for some reason I've become obsessed with Tusk by Fleetwood Mac, a band I've never really had any interest in their later years, but my parents recently bought the album for an in law for some reason the song Tusk has just sat in my head for almost a week. I'm a sucker for big pounding drum beats and Tusk delivers big time (ha thats my Tim Westwood voice) plus it sounds kind of nothing like their other stuff ((I think! please let me know if I'm wrong (considering its just me that reads this this is a note to myself, also buy more soya milk and))
Anyway looking on youtube (home of sleepy animals and people miming to songs) and it appears to also be a favourite of marching bands. Now being English (yes shocking I know) marching bands just seem kind of cool and different to me, its possibly my time as a Scout marching through town, but synchronized playing of instruments (I was going to write synchronized marching but that makes me sound slightly fascist) and drums/horns just seems win win. I found this video below as an example

See brilliant, plus I only spotted the man dressed as a roman centurion at the very end.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

More music and the odd "hack"ing (no I cant really make that witty title sorry)

Hello, have probably recovered from Millsaddedon 2011 in wh Mills's around the country mounted a campaign against London, the score? Three, two probably we can defiantly claim the natural history museum and true we almost lost out when it came to lunch times but the final night at a party held in the building where the kings speech was filmed (and finding wearing plaid at an all white dress party doesn't always go down well) and also finding same building has a jacuzzi in the basement (presumably the bit where Colin Firth is in it with Geoffry Rush is in the DVD extras). So Sunday was rather.......tiring and funny enough Monday too.
Still up to speed now more or less and realised I haven't really written anything whilst on holiday mainly because I've tried to go out and do....things well things that cost nooooo money still it means I have re discovered the joys of sleeping in, and watching movies (a seperation is amazing by the way) also been watching the phone hacking scandal open up and float around somewhat like a giant wasp thats been brought into a room, no one really likes to acknowledge its there, everyone is flapping their hands and its kind of a bastard. It has struck me though about Rupert Murdochs whole "oh I'm just an old man whos a bit doddery I didn't know anything." a plea used usually by war criminals who apparently were fine to slaughter andmassacre but now have a bit of a cough and cant hear well so cant possibly stand trial now thankyouverymuch. Whats worse is that people have been saying they even felt sorry for him! Really! and again Really! For what, twenty, thirty years Murdoch has controlled, manipulated, bullied and basically bulldozed his way through politics and media and now apparently hes a bit old so we should go easy, sorry but again Really!?! The other question is that with Rupert and James Murdoch claiming they didn't know anything (plus Rebekah Brookes and I presume Pierce "human slug" Morgan as well) doesnt this actually make them really bad bosses, after all it was apparently going on for years, was credited with breaking the Sven Goran Ericsson affair (which I presume is in no way an admition of guilt actually saying in a book thank god we had phone hacking) and used by tens possibly hundreds of journalists and yet the supposed bosses knew nothing..? We could just presume that they really didn't know anything in which case they are aweful bosses who apparently couldn't even run their news rooms....
So the choice is either they are massive massively incompetent to run business or they knew about the hacking tough choice...